Who We Are

Christians from the local community in voluntary association. Together we learn more about our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ and what it means to be His followers. It is our goal to put into practice His teaching in our everyday approach to life and thereby become a community of people who bring the outworking of God’s love into our lives.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the First Congregational Church of Anaheim is to bind together followers of the Christian way of life. As we come together to worship and grow in faith, we seek to make God’s will dominant in our individual lives, in our church and in the community.

We truly are an extended Christian family and we welcome and invite you to join us and make our family stronger.


Church History

First Congregational Church of Anaheim was founded in 1958 on the property surrounding the historic Griffith House. The Griffith House was constructed in 1925 and was donated to the church along with an orange orchard in 1957. Mrs. Griffith helped feed the homeless who lived near the Santa Ana River.